Vacancy Announcement For Data Collector and Supervisors

The Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA) wants to hire a competent and responsible data collectors and Supervisors on contractual base.

Here is the link of job description and the required qualifications.

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Key Labor Market Indicators Formulation and Development in Addis Ababa (KIFAD-2))

Key Indicators Formulation and Development in Addis Ababa (KIFAD- î) is a project initiated and financed by the Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs (BOLSA) of Addis Ababa City Government. Then the project was jointly conducted by BOLSA, Central Statistical Authority (CSA) and Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA). KIFAD- 2 is the second phase of KIFaD- 1, a research project conducted in 2016 by the three stakeholders.

Program : service
Partnership : CSA , ESA and BOLSA
Status :Finalized and disseminated the finding of the project to concerned body.
Title Description
JESA Vol 25
Newsletter Vol 25
Proceeding Vol 24
JESA Vol 24
Newsletter Vol 24