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Call for Paper

JESA is the journal of the Ethiopian Statistical Association. It was published for the first time in June 1991. Its objective is to publish scientific papers arising from statistical research which bears on the Ethiopian experience and research in statistical science, and thereby to provide a medium for the exchange of knowledge and experience in statistical practice, research and statistical education.

SUBMISSION OF PAPERS TO JESA: Manuscripts should be sent to: ethstat@gmail.com in MS WORD format. The submitted article should not be identical or similar to a paper submitted to another journal and should be no longer than 15 pages.


NOTES ON THE PREPARATION OF PAPERS: Here is a summary of some of the important points:


AN ABSTRACT should be included, completely summarizing the paper without repeating verbatim sentences from the paper.  In the SUMMARY, mathematical symbols should be avoided and any reference to a previous work should be given in full.  Author(s) name should be followed by full postal and E-mail addresses.


REFERENCES in the text should be by the author's surname for foreigners (use the given name for Ethiopians) and the publication date.  In publications of three authors, all are listed for the first time, and et al. is used subsequently together with the first surname.  An example is: "Moore, Sylvester and Smith (1985)" for the first time and "Moore et al, is used throughout.  In the list of the REFERENCES at the end of the paper, authors should be listed alphabetically by last name for foreigners and by first name of Ethiopians.  Journal titles should not be abbreviated.


TABLES AND FIGURES should represent only essential materials.  They should be placed on separate sheets and identified by Arabic numerals and a short descriptive title.  For printing, figures and illustrations may have to be substantially reduced so that lines should be of sufficient thickness, and decimal points, periods and dots should be large enough to be reproduced upon drastic reduction.  All figures should be complete with regard to labels, titles, numbering, etc. and ready for printing as they are after any reproduction.  The placement of all tables, figures and illustrations should be marked within the text.  The only lines appearing on a table should be horizontal.  Very small tables should be incorporated into the text.  All decimals and numbers should be aligned in columns.



The presentation of research papers frequently follows the following order.

1.      Title in boldface centered at the top of the first page followed by the full name(s) of the author(s) and address(es).

2.      Abstract of the main results of the paper.

3.      Introduction to the background of the research.

4.      Research Method(s).

5.      Results.

6.      Discussion of the Results.

7.      Acknowledgments, if any.

8.      References.

9.      Appendix if any.

Thus , you are kindly invited to submit your original work for JESA.

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Theme of the 29th annual conference of ESAEvery one is kindly invited to propose theme or an issue of the coming ESA annual conference.
ON date:
Kindly invite you to propose theme (s) for 29th annual conference of the Ethiopian Statistical Association

 The Ethiopian Statistical Association has planned to organize its annual conference at the beginning of 2020.

This is just to  invite you  to propose themes or an issue on which the 29th annual conference of the association shall focus, until December 15, 2019 through our email or by calling at our numbers.