Membership is open to all Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians. There are six types of ESA membership.

Regular membership regular members are, either graduates of a recognized tertiary educational institution in statistics at the certificate level or higher; graduates of other disciplines minoring in statistics; or practicing statisticians who have degrees in fields other than statistics.

Associate membership These are graduates, at the diploma level or higher in non-statistics areas, from any recognized tertiary educational institutions.

Student membership These are students of statistics in any recognized tertiary educational institutions .

Honorary membership These are members of ESA who have been elected by the General Assembly on account of their contribution to the development of ESA and the statistical profession in Ethiopia. They do not pay membership fees.

Insitutional membership These are institutions which exercise their membership rights through a designated representative who shall have the same rights as regular members.

Senior membership Senior membership is automatic to any ESA member who has been a member for at least ten years and reached the age of 65. He/she shall have the same rights as regular members; the membership fee will be one-third of the regular member fee.

N.B. All the above types of Members have the right to purchase publications of the Association at a discounted price, use/borrow books from the ESA Library, and participate and contribute at different discussions, conferences and workshops of the Association. They have the duty of attending General Assemblies, promoting the objectives of the Association and paying their membership fees regularly.