Call for Stata Training

Stata is a powerful statistical software that enables users to analyze, manage, and produce graphical visualizations of data. It is primarily used by researchers in the fields of economics, bio-medicine, and political science to examine data patterns.
Since the demand of such statistical software training become increasing, ESA has arranged "Training on Data Analysis Using Stata " during August 12-17, 2019 in the evening program.
So, any interested can register and takepart in the training.

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Key Labor Market Indicators Formulation and Development in Addis Ababa (KIFAD-2))

Key Indicators Formulation and Development in Addis Ababa (KIFAD- î) is a project initiated and financed by the Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs (BOLSA) of Addis Ababa City Government. Then the project was jointly conducted by BOLSA, Central Statistical Authority (CSA) and Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA). KIFAD- 2 is the second phase of KIFaD- 1, a research project conducted in 2016 by the three stakeholders.

Program : service
Partnership : CSA , ESA and BOLSA
Status :Finalized and disseminated the finding of the project to concerned body.
Title Description
ESA2019 conference program Our conference program has basic events with time break down , selected abstracts to be presents during the conference and organizing committee members .
ESA Newsletter Vol 27 ESA newsletter is published by the editorial committee of ESA three times a year. Its objectives are to make announcements of call for papers, conferences, etc., publish research articles and statistical related issues, publish and disseminate articles that enhance the statistical knowledge of the society, and to exchange scientific information.
Newsletter Vol 26
JESA Vol 26 JESA is the journal of the Ethiopian Statistical Association. It was published for the first time in June 1991. Its objective is to publish scientific papers arising from statistical research which bears on the Ethiopian experience and research in statistical science, and thereby to provide a medium for the exchange of knowledge and experience in statistical practice, research and statistical education.
ESA Proceeding Vol 2017 The Proceeding of ESA is a document that contains the overall history of its annual conference. Basically it contain, scientific papers that was presented during the conference, conference program and sponsors of the event.