The Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA) is formally registered with the Ministry of Justice to accomplish the following objectives:

. To create an environment for the promotion and development of statistical theory and application.
. To promote for quality statistical practice in Ethiopia by providing advise to stakeholders.
. To create mutually supportive relationship with educational institutions, users and producers of data to advance the development of Statistical in the country.
. To create forum through which members, academia in other discipline, government and the industry can exchange views and ideas and solve common problems.
. To promote networking among members on topics of mutual professional interest.
. To organize forum for the development of the profession and attract interest among members and the wider community, through workshops, seminars or competitions.
. To disseminate information to members and the general public on national and international professional activities, relevant conferences and job opportunities among others.
. To liaise with societies and associations of other profession and encourage professionals and institutions to join the association and consider it as their partner in statistical activities.